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Posted on 29th April 2010 by Jiggly in Cardio and Toning


I’ve rarely had good experiences with the classes at my gym.  The ones I’ve tried were always led by unmotivating (or just downright odd) instructors.  One time my friend and I checked out a yoga class at my gym.  The instructor was overweight, wore a mesh black top over a sports bra, and made us do FINGER EXERCISES for the first ten minutes.  It was… interesting, to say the least.

Over the years, I’ve checked out kickboxing, step, and a myriad of other classes – all led to disappointment.  Then recently, my friend convinced me to go to a Bootcamp class with her.  I LOVED IT and look forward to it every Monday – I try not to miss if I can help it!  This is the 1st gym class I’ve ever been enthusiastic about.  The instructor is this amazingly fit, upbeat, charming guy who does not waste a single minute of the hour-long class.  He alternates his style weekly – one week it’s a normal bootcamp routine, and the next week we’ll do a technique called “Tabata 20/10″.

What is Tabata? Tabata 20/10 is named after its creator, Dr. Izumi Tabata, from Tokyo.  This workout is meant to give the maximum aerobic and anaerobic workout in a short amount of time.  Meaning, it combines cardio and weights to give you an incredibly effective workout.

What is 20/10? You do an exercise intensely for 20 seconds (do as many as you can within 20 seconds), then rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat for a total of 8 cycles, which is the equivalent of 4 minutes.  Then rest for 1 minute.  Then you’ll go on and do a completely new exercise and repeat the 20/10 method.  These can be any exercises of your choosing – some common ones are jumping jacks, push-ups, skaters, and squat thrusts.

It sounds very confusing doesn’t it?  Here’s a video that shows you how its done:

It’s a really effective workout that keeps your muscles guessing and your heart rate up!  Has anyone else tried Tabata 20/10?

  1. bev says:

    i loved it!

    29th April 2010 at 9:23 am

  2. neville says:

    crossfit uses tabata all the time. it’s a killer.
    neville´s last blog ..WOD 4.29.10 My ComLuv Profile

    29th April 2010 at 12:48 pm

  3. Jiggly says:

    Oh yea, I keep seeing it in relation to Crossfit Training!

    29th April 2010 at 12:52 pm

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